Housing for the elderly/disabled

Amity Plaza
Amity Plaza is a 180-unit, subsidized housing complex of one-bedroom units at 200 W. Sterne Parkway. Amity Plaza was constructed in 1979 and falls under the HUD regulations of the Section 8 New Construction housing program.

Alyson Court
Alyson Court is a 60-unit subsidized complex at 5807 South Gallup Street of one-bedroom units that was constructed in 1982. It falls under the HUD regulations of the Section 8 New Construction housing program.

Bradley House
Bradley House is a 72-unit subsidized housing complex of one-bedroom units at 5844 South Datura Street. It was constructed in 1975 and falls under the HUD regulations of the Public Housing Program.

Libby Bortz Assisted Living Center
The Libby Bortz Assisted Living Center (LBALC) was developed in 1994 and is located at 5844 South Curtice Street. There are 111 units for the frail elderly in the development. The Section 8 Corporation currently serves as the management agent and the employer of the staff at LBALC (and falls under Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) regulations).

Geneva Village
SMHO also manages Geneva Village for the City of Littleton, a 28-unit complex consisting of 10 efficiency, 10 one-bedroom, and 8 two-bedroom apartments located at 5444 South Prince Street. It is not subsidized but offers below market rents to individuals 55 years and older. The current rents are: $300 for an efficiency; $390 for a 1-bedroom; and $450 for a 2-bedroom. The rents are set by City Council.


Seventy-one units of family public housing, consisting of two, three, four, and five bedroom single family homes and duplexes are located on scattered sites within the community. Residents pay 30% of their adjusted income in rent or a flat rent if they so choose. Flat rents are equal to the Fair Market Rents for the area and are adjusted annually.

The John W. Newey Family Housing development consists of 20 single-family homes. The homes are two, three and four bedroom homes and are located on three scattered sites in the community. The program falls under HUD regulations for the Section 8 New Construction program.


Owner-Occupied REHABILITATION - This program is currently on hiatus and being redesigned. We look forward to reopening this program in the near future.
The Housing Rehabilitation program provides assistance to owner-occupied households in which owners cannot otherwise afford to rehabilitate their homes. It was developed with low to moderate-income families, disabled, and seniors in mind. The program provides 4.75% simple interest loans to homeowners living in single family, townhomes or duplexes in need of repair or preservation. SMHO administers rehabilitation programs for both Littleton and Centennial homeowners. Loans are tailored to the homeowner’s ability to repay. SMHO services the loans, and repayment of the loan depends upon the homeowner’s debt to income ratio and their ability to pay. Monthly payments are designed to fit the homeowner’s budget. Repayment options can be designed as follows: interest-only payments until sale, deferred payments with interest due upon sale, or 100% grants for extremely low income households. 

Rental Rehabilitation
In 2011, the Board of Commissioners approved a rental rehabilitation program for landlords who wish to upgrade their rental properties. SMHO partnered with First Bank to bring affordable, fixed-rate interest financing to this program. The maximum loan available under this program is $50,000 per property. 



The Powers Circle Apartments is an income-restricted complex consisting of three buildings, located at 123, 163 and 183 W. Powers Circle. Each building contains 23 units, and has studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments. All incoming residents are income-qualified, with incomes ranging between 50% and 60% of area median income (AMI). The buildings were constructed in 1961 and have had major renovations utilizing grant funds from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka, Kansas. A second phase of renovations was funded through the use of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) in 2012.



SMHO administers rental subsidy to private landlords in the community through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. Under this program, the voucher holder finds a unit that meets their needs and leases from a private landlord. The subsidy is “tenant-based” and is portable within Littleton and throughout the United States.

Each unit selected by the participant is inspected and must meet Housing Quality Standards (HQS) that are established by HUD. The owner (Landlord) of the unit signs a Housing Assistance Payments contract with SMHO assuring that the unit will be maintained in accordance with HQS. SMHO acts as a funding source making up the difference between what the resident pays (approximately 30% of their adjusted income) in rent and the total rent on the unit. Rents are reviewed for reasonableness on an annual basis, and units are inspected annually to ensure they meet HQS standards.

The voucher holder signs a lease with the Landlord and must meet the requirements established under each individual lease. SMHO conducts preliminary criminal background checks on each Section 8 Voucher participant. However, landlords use their own screening criteria when determining the eligibility of the tenant.

SMHO also administers Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher programs for the Arapahoe County Housing Authority and the Division of Housing within Arapahoe County for a combined total of approximately 285 vouchers.

For current SMHO payment standards, click here.

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Current Participants who wish to move, click here to download the Notice of Intent to Vacate Form.

Current Participants with an change in income, click here to download the Interim Income/Family Change Form.  

Current Participants with a change in family composition, click here to download the Request to Add or Remove a Family member Form.

Landlords who are interested in participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program are encouraged to contact SMHO.

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If you are interested in porting to our jurisdiction, you must first contact your current housing authority. Once SMHO has received your paperwork you will be contacted to provide additional information to our agency. After we have received all requested paperwork, you will be contacted to attend an orientation at our office. South Metro Housing Options offers an orientation every Monday at 1:30 pm and Wednesdays at 9:00 am (day and time subject to change). 

Your paperwork should be sent to:
South Metro Housing Options
Attn: Robin Ramirez

5745 S. Bannock St Littleton CO 80120
Phone 303 794 9608 Fax 303 794 0806 

If you have additional questions please contact Robin Ramirez.



Please note that all SMHO programs currently have waitlists. We are accepting preliminary applications for the following programs;

• Powers Circle Apartments Low Income Housing Tax Credit Property. Click here for the application.



Waitlists for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, Family Housing, Elderly/Disabled Housing and Geneva Village are currently CLOSED.

Please check back with us periodically to see when these waitlists may reopen.

For further information on SMHO housing programs and how to apply, please refer to the SMHO Housing Guide (click here).




SMHO is committed to properly screening applicants for housing in all of its owned and managed properties. A four-step screening program has been developed, which includes a criminal background investigation, credit check, previous and current landlord reference verifications and home visits.

SMHO is a member of the City of Littleton Neighborhood Services Team and works closely with Littleton Police and Code Enforcement.



In 1993, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was created with five Littleton citizens, business leaders and the SMHO Executive Director serving as board members. The board’s mission is to brighten the future of the children living in subsidized housing, enhance their self-esteem, and reward and encourage their excellence.

As a result of the success of the LEARNS program, a scholarship foundation was created to provide assistance with college scholarships. Low-income graduating seniors in the community are invited to write an essay about their career plans and apply for a college scholarship through SMHO. Students are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA and attend school on a full-time basis. Since its inception, the Scholarship Board has provided over $80,000 in college scholarships to graduating seniors. The scholarship program was expanded in 2005 to include Section 8 participant families and non-Littleton Housing Authority low-income families at all Littleton Public High Schools, including Heritage High School, Arapahoe High School, Options High School and Littleton High School. In 2008, the program was expanded to include vocational and technical schools. In 2009, Heads of Household and spouses in SMHO housing who are learning new job skills or obtaining college degrees for new careers were included in the consideration for scholarships.

The Sneaker Fund was established by SMHO in order to assist its families with those items that many times preclude their children from participating in activities at school. Examples of Sneaker Fund awards include money for sports uniforms and shoes, tuition to various camps, money for musical instruments, and funds for down payments on braces, school supplies and books. Fund-raising events occur throughout the year.

Each year, the Scholarship Board recognizes students in our family units who achieve perfect attendance for the year in school (grades K –12). A special evening ceremony is held each July and the children are recognized for their achievement. In addition, they are awarded savings bonds, movie tickets, restaurant coupons and other gifts donated by area merchants. Students achieving Perfect Attendance for one semester only receive a certificate of recognition and a gift card.


In 2006, SMHO began the “Pack the Backpacks” program. SMHO students receive backpacks filled with age appropriate school supplies. Local merchants, City of Littleton and SMHO employees provide additional donations to the program. SMHO has received state and national awards for resident and client services for this program.


SMHO sponsors activities for residents of Amity Plaza, Bradley House and Alyson Court periodically throughout the year. 


SMHO coordinates annual Adopt-A-Family programs for families during the holidays each year. Sponsors are matched with SMHO families. Families provide wish lists to the sponsors and gifts and food is given to families. SMHO also sponsors residents to the annual Arapahoe County Santa Claus Shop. SMHO also works with “License To Dream”, a non-profit organization, in providing Thanksgiving meals to SMHO families and residents of senior buildings desiring a traditional meal.