landlord information

Landlords who participate in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program benefit by receiving a large portion of their rent each month on the first of each month in the form of rental subsidy from SMHO. Program participants are responsible for paying the remaining portion of the rent as determined by their incomes. While SMHO conducts basic criminal background screening on all HCV participants, landlords who participate in the HCV program bear the responsibility for conducting their own screening process on prospective tenants, including more in-depth criminal and credit background checks and previous landlord references. In addition, landlords are responsible for maintaining HCV units according the established Housing Quality Standards (HQS). Landlords receive a 1099 form for subsidies received from SMHO at the end of each calendar year for tax purposes.

If you are interested in becoming a Section 8 landlord, please click here for additional information.

If you are interested in listing your property with us, please click here to download the property survey. Once completed, this form should be returned to our main office located at 5745 S. Bannock St Littleton CO 80120 or it can be faxed to 303 794-0806.

If you are a current Section 8 landlord and wish to update your direct deposit information, please click here to fill out the ACH Credits and return to the main office. If you need further information on participating in the Section 8 HCV program, please contact Jamie Hensley, Section 8 Program Manager, at 303-794-9608.